Infrastructure Platform Engineer • Nov 2018 - Present • Ljubljana, Slovenia

Developing software solutions to increase the productivity of developers from an infrastructure point of view. AWS, Google Cloud, Serverless, Terraform, Kubernetes etc.


Full Stack Developer • Jul 2016 — Oct 2018 • Ljubljana, Slovenia

GoAvio was meant to combine millions of low-cost flights, buses and trains in order to find cheaper and faster routes. I took care of data integration (API/scraping), API development, features for B2B customers and back office maintenance (CS functionalities, data analysis and KPI views). The technologies involved were PHP (Laravel, Lumen), Angular2 (for back office application), Postgres (the database was our UI), Redis, AWS, Docker, Vagrant, Grafana, InfluxDB etc. In the latest stage, a part of the team was starting to build various microservices with Go lang, so I also got involved in Go learning.


Full Stack Developer • Aug 2015 — Mar 2016 • Remote

Development of marketing automation solution based on Ruby on Rails. Development involved scraping of social media, data analysis, scheduling etc. Alongside RoR, we used Elasticsearch for indexing and Redis for caching.

Astina AG

Full Stack Developer • Dec 2012 — Aug 2015 • Ljubljana, Slovenia

I worked on 15+ projects, from large-scale to small-scale. Most of the applications were built with Symfony2 (PHP framework), but I also started to learn Ruby and Ruby on Rails here. We used open source libraries and I had the chance to contribute to some of those. Since we had dedicated front-end developers, I was also introduced to the modern (well, at least at that time) front-end technologies such as Grunt, SASS, Compass, Bower etc. As developers, we were closely involved in the development process (workflows, planning etc.) and I also had a chance to organize internal monthly tech talks.


Software tester (part-time) • Oct 2011 — Jun 2012 • Ljubljana, Slovenia

Zemanta is a start-up pioneer that inspired a lot of people and built a nice IT community in Slovenia. My main job was to test and report front-end issues, but I was also involved in customer support, the improvement and optimization of testing processes etc. I worked on the in-house project built with the Django framework, which we used to plan and execute Scrum sprints for a short period of time. I also wrote and used Python parsers to collect data from various websites, and I worked on a few other experiments during the internal Hackdays.


Front-end Developer • Jul 2011 — Oct 2011 • Ljubljana, Slovenia

I worked on the front-end enhancements (JS/HTML/CSS) of a product that unfortunately never went live, but it was meant to be used as a bit more radical personal assistant app.

Globus Marine International

Junior Web Developer • Oct 2010 — Jul 2011 • Ljubljana, Slovenia

Development and maintenance of the ASP.NET/C# web application used by financial leasing companies.

Actual I.T.

Software Engineer (intern) • 2010 — 2010 • Remote / Žminj, Croatia

As a project for my final thesis (B. Sc. in Rijeka), I built a VB.NET application that is used as a register for the soccer coach association of Istria, Croatia. I had mentors at Actual I.T., but mainly worked from home.


Junior Front-end Developer (part-time) • 2009 — 2010 • Remote

I mostly did HTML/CSS for static web pages.


Waiter, Ticket vendor, etc. • until 2009

I used to have random (summer) jobs while I was in high school and during my university studies.


T11 Sessions

Event Manager / Lecturer • 2016 — 2017

With a couple of friends, we started organizing a series of free educational workshops, talks and presentations from various practical fields. For the first workshop, I presented "Introduction to web programming with JavaScript", and after that, we set up a couple more events from various fields.

Rails Girls Ljubljana

Mentor • 2014

I volunteered as a mentor.

Moonlee Records

Web Development / Social Media / Event Manager • 2011 — Present

In 2011, I started helping around Moonlee Records - a music label that I admired and that is still one of the best labels in the ex-YU region. I focused mostly on web development and social media. Occasionally, I also help with event management at local music venues.

Youth club "Pazin"

Web Developer / Promoter / Event Manager • 2005 — 2009

I organized and helped with the organization of 30+ concerts at a local music venue, two festivals and a couple of other cultural events.


University of Ljubljana

Master of Computer Science • 2011 — 2015

For my Master's thesis, Modeling relation between technical parameters of web page design and its aestethics, I used a machine learning technique in order to build a Chrome extension that allows users to evaluate and analyze website design.

Polytechnic of Rijeka

Bachelor of Informatics • 2006 — 2009

For my final thesis, I developed a VB.NET application used as a register for the soccer coach association of Istria, Croatia.

Polytechnic Pula

Undergraduate Professional Study • 2005 — 2006 (dropped out)

Gimnazija i strukovna škola Jurja Dobrile Pazin

Electromechanical High School Diploma • 2005

Courses / Trainings

  • Github Training (Matthew McCullough) – Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Video production workshop (Fade In) – Pazin, Croatia
  • Machine Learning – Coursera
  • Algorithms – Coursera


Web Developer • 2016

A Capistrano extension for jspm (native ES modules CDN).

Web Developer • 2014 — 2015

A Chrome extension that can analyse, evaluate and give useful recommendations for a given website. Built as a part of my Master's thesis.

Web Developer • 2014

A website parser built with PhantomJS/Python. Built as a part of my Master's thesis.

Web Developer • 2014

A voting app that helped me to collect data for my Master's thesis, built with Ruby on Rails.

Web Developer • 2012 — Present

A MySQL, Firebird, XML, JSON, CSV or YAML open source generator for custom countries data. The first version was built with jQuery in one day. That same evening, I wrote an article and published it on HackerNews. Since then, the project has received 320+ stars on GitHub and gained a couple of contributors. In 2015, I made a complete rewrite using React, which replaced most of the obscure jQuery code.

Web Developer • 2012

A burndown chart experiment with Trello API and Google Apps Script.

Web Developer • 2012

An open source experiment with Google Charts and Last.fm API.

Various open source projects

Web Developer • 2010 — Present

From time to time, I contribute to various open source projects, i.e. laravel/framework, symfony2admingenerator/GeneratorBundle etc.

Web Developer • 2011 — Present

I have been maintaining the Moonlee Records website since 2011. In 2017, we did a huge update and released a new website that was built with Ruby on Rails/ES6 and was published as an open source project to GitHub.


Software Development

  • PHP (Laravel, Symfony)
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails)
  • Python
  • Java
  • R
  • Matlab
  • Bash
  • Git
  • Databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • JavaScript (ES6, React, Angular2, Ember, jQuery)
  • Vagrant
  • Docker
  • JetBrains IDEs (Phpstorm, Datagrip, Rubymine, Goland)
  • CI, CD (Jenkins, CircleCI)
  • Software testing
  • Grafana, Influx
  • Test case development
  • Machine Learning
  • User experience
  • Creativity
  • Process improvements

Want to learn aka learning in progress

  • Go
  • Vue.js

Agile Team and Project Management

Good knowledge of agile project development processes like Scrum or Kanban. From my experience, there is no perfect predefined process that fits every organization, but this is something that should be incrementally developed and improved – just like software. I have some experience with implementing workflows and functionalities in Jira, but I do not mind using any other project management tool, as long as it covers all the needs. I also have experience with leading sprints, organizing meetings and events such as tech talks and hackdays.


  • Croatian
  • Slovenian
  • English


  • Music
  • Cycling
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • (Playing) Football
  • Arduino
  • Technology
  • Event management
  • Traveling
  • Reading
  • Cooking
  • Movies & Series
  • Photography
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